“It is a trap within modern living to mistake what we own as some kind of reflection of who we are.”
Claire Healy and Sean Cordeiro[1]

Sean Cordeiro and Claire Healy collaborate in life to create their own unique view of human existence and all its detritus. Whilst in Tokyo for a residency Sean and Claire created ‘Takadanobaba’ by elaborately stacking all the items in their studio, made up of the many things left behind by other residents, and documenting the result. This is my kind of ‘upcycling’.

They have a fascinating take on what is left behind by life. In ‘Not under my roof’ they took an actual floor of a farmhouse from Queensland and mounted the whole piece on the wall in the Queensland Art Gallery. The passage of life and dreams is imagined vividly with the various patterns of lineoleum and the wear and tear of everyday existence evident in the home. The people are gone but their daily patterns have left their mark for all to see leaving us with a poignant memory of lives lived.

[1] The artists in conversation for MCA art matters, Spring 2012